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While a week later than intended, the purge is done. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, see the previous post. 

The only things I have left here are groups and such that I'll be looking to RSS in some capacity via Google Reader.

I won't be purging the LJ account itself as there are a lot of things here that I'd like to keep. At the same point, it also provides an echo point, and a way for those of you that I'm not connected to anywhere else to contact me via private message. Eventually, I'll sift back through the public entries and shift anything not relevant to private. 

Before anyone asks why I'm doing it-- I'm simply done with this venue. If you want to find me, I've provided the means to do so with the previous post. This particular 10yr chapter of online activity for me is closed.


 I'll be gutting the rest of my f-list in it's entirety here after GenCon (I started a partial culling a few weeks ago). The account will remain, and the posts will remain, but I think I'm pretty much done with this chapter of my online life. This doesn't mean that I don't like you anymore, don't take it personally.  Nor does it mean that it won't continue to be an echo point for my art, and my site blog-- a more active one, at that-- or that I won't still occasionally peruse/comment, but I don't spend much time here anymore these days.

So, if you want me to know something, you can opt to keep me and keep me filtered to whatever it is (which I may or may not catch), or you can actually send it to me directly. If you prefer to opt to remove me, no offense will be taken by any means.  If you want to keep up with me, you can follow me via:

Artimancer.com (my personal website)

Or, if we actually know each other in some capacity, Facebook (though I'm using that less these days as well).

That's pretty much the extent of it.

Still Alive

Just thought I'd let people know who don't glance at my Twitter or Facebook. 

I also take a glance at my f-list here in a one or two page snapshot every couple days or so when bored, so I'm not completely oblivious. 

However, I don't live here, and spend less and less time vacationing here anymore. If you've not specifically directed me to it, assume I've not seen it. 


This is the first of a new daily(ish) exercise I'm doing, tentatively called 'Bot-A-Day'. I say "ish" because there may be days when I don't post any, and there may be others where I post several (as I don't spend as much time on LJ, posts here may be a bit more erratic). Style, type of 'bot, and time spent will all vary, but overall the purpose of this is to make myself actually do at least one thing that's an art exercise each day.

(Click for full size in my flickr stream.)

Lines, colors, light, and shadows in Artrage 3 Studio Pro. Textures (via custom brushes & a bit of filtering) and finishes in Photoshop CS4.

Yeah, I know, the image itself is listed as #2, but #1 is half-finished somewhere from when I initially planned on starting it a few weeks ago. Hopefully I'll rseume and finish that this coming week.

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Waiting For Marley's Ghost...

It's December 25th, 1:45am.

I've been sick for 2 and 1/2 weeks, courtesy of round 2 of The Flupocalypse. To say that it's draining, and causes complete lack of motivation, is putting it mildly. The upshot is that, aside from trying to empty my lung (it's got this lovely little tickle, with a cyclical cough/agitation/cough/agitation mix), I'm mostly on the mend. Still, out of not being certain if I was still contagious or not, I opted to stay sequestered, rather than risk exposing my grandfather and the wee ones to the potential bug.

Instead, I'm spending the holiday watching downloaded TV shows, interspersed with a bit of computer gaming, and maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll be productive with some art. Mostly just me, and the 2 cats who reside here.

Hopefully, I'll be well before NYE.

By the way, having just finished Caprica, while I'm not pleased with The Mansquito Channel for cancelling it, I can at least say that they did attempt answer a number of questions in a brief forward-history montage at the end of the last episode. More than has been allowed for most cancelled shows. The DVDs are out now, but if you want to wait, SyFy will air the back 5 in 2011. Either way, they're solid episodes.

Perhaps, tomorrow/today, I'll get the drive to finish the initial brush tutorial post. I'm only 2 and 1/2 weeks overdue. ;)


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Process: Photoshop Brush Creation Pt. 1

(This is intended to be an ongoing series of posts.)

Apparently it's been a bit longer since I've posted than I thought. Time to remedy that, with something substantial.

Rather than posting a finished creation, I'm going to share some insight to my process this time around.

I don't think that most people truly take advantage of (let alone explore) the powerful tool that is custom brush creation in Photoshop. Actually creating your own, from scratch, rather than scavenging online, hoping to run across a hidden gem in a brush pack uploaded to the internet. If you've used custom brushes to any extent at all, don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about-- we all go through that phase at some point. Like Alchemy, Harmony, and such, brushes are another tool to be used in the creation process. A good brush set can not only enable you to create detailed speedpaintings, but can set a solid starting foundation for full blown finished pieces.

These 2 are quick sketch images (maybe 30 seconds each) that I rendered up in Harmony, which I thought would make for interesting core components to pull Photoshop brushes from:

The following are brush tests, mostly utilizing a dual-brush technique. All images are substantially larger if you click on them.

None of these took more than a handful of seconds. No erasing/tweaking/etc. Just a brush stroke or 3 per piece, give or take. Don't let that make you think that the images are taking the piss-- while these starter images can be rendered out quickly, the brush creation for a good brush in itself can take the better part of an hour, with the more complex brushes being the results of tens of hours of work. For each of these, there were probably a dozen or more that I didn't care for-- while that may sound like a lot, keep in mind that's probably still no more than a minute or two of time invested in each image. These aren't intended to be finished images. Rather, as stated above, they're intended as starter images. How I make use of them entirely depends on what I see in them, what I might need them for, etc.

Some people ask whether I share my brushes... that's a complicated question. Generally, if I do, it's only with a small handful of people. I'm that there are some people who know how to pull the base brushes out of the core images at the top, and am aware of that before posting this-- just keep in mind, most of the dual-brushes are combined with other brushes which are not imaged at the top. However, I'm going to do a tutorial on making brushes from scratch on Tuesday... and I'm going to make whatever brushes I make for that available to the public (don't ask me what they'll be, I won't know that until Tuesday rolls around *grin*).

Hope you enjoy, and that you've found the post worthwhile in some capacity.

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Shanghai Vampocalypse Interior Art

Interior art that I did for Savage Mojo's apocalyptic "Shanghai Vampocalpse" RPG setting. No clue if it was used, but I was pretty happy with it at the time. It's a hybrid mix of illustration, photo-compositing, texturing, and custom brush usage. I've been sitting on this one since April.

(Click for full larger size)

ArtRage 3 Studio Pro, Photoshop CS4, and Manga Studio 4 EX.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Long time, no post. Here, have some art.

Yeah, I've been off the radar for a bit. Thought I should actually post something, as I'm getting poked a bit for not doing so *grin*.

Click for full size.

Just a touch over 2 hrs. ArtRage and Photoshop, with initial pencils for character done in Sketchbook. Background is all personal custom PS brushes, touched up slightly with light/shadow.

I'm testing out some new technique theories, as well as the concept of a "microscene" for a type of art commission. So, while I could have put more time in it, I really didn't want to invest more than a couple hours, as a high detail piece wasn't the intention.

Not in a horribly textual mood at the moment, so I'll leave it brief rather than letting your eyes bleed from the ramble. ;)

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RIP Michael Fobbs

I received word of his passing just a little bit ago. All I know is that he passed in his sleep around 4pm. I'm sorry that I don't have more info for those of you that knew him.

Good night, Michael. I would like to think that your brother Tommy was waiting for you, ready to say something funny with his contagious belly laugh. You will be missed. Godspeed.

St. Chuck-Chuck-A-Buck-Buck

Off to St. Chuck, for the wedding of a couple friends at Pirate Fest. I leave you this parting gift, requested by my friend Neil Ford (you should totally check out his art):

If the embed isn't showing up for you, here's the direct link.

A Few Quick Notes:

I'll be dropping the ParrackStudios.com legacy domain tomorrow. Any emails associated with that domain will no longer exist. I no longer use that as my core domain, and it's pretty much become all but a spam catcher. 

Other domain renewals will occur tonight. Once those are taken care of,  I'll post the details for the $15 No Frills Art Deal (probably over the weekend). 

I'll be at GenCon next week, from Tuesday evening until the end of the con. If you'd like to try to meet up, contact me privately via (this username) (at) gmail (dot) com, and we'll see what we can arrange.
 No. Really. 

It might be late today, but details will appear. 

FYI: DragonCon Hotel Room Alert

(The following just came to my attention. Thanks to [info]vernard  for the info.)

I am NOT an official representative of Dragon Con Inc. I'm just passing along the info that I know to be true.

If you made reservations at either the Baymont or Wyndham hotels, you need to be made aware that both of those hotels are closing permanently on August 15th.


The company that owns both those hotels has sold them and is closing them down so that their new owners can use them. This is rumored to be Georgia State University who will convert them to dorms.

Again, this is NOT Dragon Con's fault. Each hotel is its own separate company and entity.

Currently the best way to handle this situation is to call the hotel and ask to verify your reservation and go from there.
There are still reservations available at some of the overflow hotels but most are not within 4 blocks of D*C proper. There are still plenty of rooms at the hotels at the airport. And there are free shuttles running between those hotels and D*C.

Also, hotels consistently make rooms available in the D*C block as time goes by so if you call every Monday at 8am to the main 4 hotels, there is a chance someone will have canceled.

Folks, I can't stress this enough, regardless of where you are staying,CALL AND VERIFY YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS NOW. Which this new demand for rooms, I suspect a lot of mistakes are going to be made and other reservations are going to be screwed up.


(I may rename this, depending on whether I've got the hybrid naming off or not. That, and it's a bit of a mouthful... but then again, most clades(?) are, it seems.)

2.5ish hour speedpainting, a mix of ArtRage 3 and Photoshop CS4:

Working with the same methods that I used with the 2 previous pieces, trying to flesh them out a bit. While it took a bit more time than I initially planned on investing, I learned some new things, so it was worthwhile.

As with previous piece work, more details can be found in the related entry on my blog at Artimancer.com.


2hr speedpainting, mostly ArtRage 3 Studio Pro w/a little Photoshop CS4 for cleanup.

Took a bit longer than intended, but much of that was playing around with a more refined method of the process that I used for "Francesca Gorgonatrix". Working on getting a bit more comfortable with it.

More details, including technique, work process, etc., can be found in the related entry on my blog at Artimancer.com.


45 minute speedpainting, strictly ArtRage 3 Pro:

This started off as intent for something else, but this is what flowed out. So, rather than fight it, I went with it. Might even flesh it out more later, or consider doing a series of these.

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Where The Wild Things Aren’t


20-25 minute speedpainting, strictly ArtRage 3 Pro:

This is a great example of where I'm experimenting, and where I don't like where the piece is. It's also a very good example of when one has decided that they're done fucking with something, and that they're walking away from it.

With this piece, I'm going to take a few moments to give you insight to my mindset on it.

Overall, I just don't care for the piece. I played with it a bit, messed around with some basic layer manipulation, a bit of distortion, etc. However, it just didn't get to a point where I started to like it. That alone can often end up being the death knell for working on something, especially when it's an artist working with their creativity. Some will overwork it and overwork it. Others will (often just half-heartedly) go through the motions, hoping that something will eventually come out of it. And then there are times like this one, where it's just done.

Don't get me wrong, the piece does have it's strong points. It's got a somewhat balanced aesthetic to it. The colors, in several spots, are very lush, and contrast with each other in a good way. There are some parts of the creature's face that I like, but some of that is also where visual matrixing is filling in the blanks in my mind's eye.

Am I completely done with it? Who knows. I might come back in a week, a month, a year, or whatnot, and decide to start noodling about with it again. Perhaps I'll use it as a template for a new piece, or perhaps I'll even integrate it into another piece via some form of blend layer. Only time will tell.

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55 minute speedpainting, strictly ArtRage 3 Pro:

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30 minute speedpainting, strictly ArtRage 3 Pro:

(Also using this as a test to see if it's worth posting art to Flickr or not.)

Art posting resumes with regularity now. Thanks for your patience. I promise it will have been worth your while.

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