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FYI: DragonCon Hotel Room Alert

(The following just came to my attention. Thanks to [info]vernard  for the info.)

I am NOT an official representative of Dragon Con Inc. I'm just passing along the info that I know to be true.

If you made reservations at either the Baymont or Wyndham hotels, you need to be made aware that both of those hotels are closing permanently on August 15th.


The company that owns both those hotels has sold them and is closing them down so that their new owners can use them. This is rumored to be Georgia State University who will convert them to dorms.

Again, this is NOT Dragon Con's fault. Each hotel is its own separate company and entity.

Currently the best way to handle this situation is to call the hotel and ask to verify your reservation and go from there.
There are still reservations available at some of the overflow hotels but most are not within 4 blocks of D*C proper. There are still plenty of rooms at the hotels at the airport. And there are free shuttles running between those hotels and D*C.

Also, hotels consistently make rooms available in the D*C block as time goes by so if you call every Monday at 8am to the main 4 hotels, there is a chance someone will have canceled.

Folks, I can't stress this enough, regardless of where you are staying,CALL AND VERIFY YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS NOW. Which this new demand for rooms, I suspect a lot of mistakes are going to be made and other reservations are going to be screwed up.


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Jun. 25th, 2010 07:17 pm (UTC)
Why do I get the impression that this event is chinese fire drill x 5?
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